About Us
Our Mission
As a division of our headquarters in Hong Kong, Network Box Singapore is committed to deliver to all companies, regardless of size:
Managed It Security Providing Highest Level Of Protection Against Cyber Threats To Clients IT Security Is Complex, Network Box Has Made It Simple
IT Security is a process, not just a box. World class, Next Generation and State-of-Art Technology needs to be expertly configured, installed, managed and CONTINUOUSLY updated in order to remain effective.
Our Vision

Our Team of Network Box Security Professionals & Specialists consults & advises each Client to determine their exact requirements and priorities to meet their specific security needs.

The global network of Network Box Corporation “Security Operation Centres (SOC’s)” monitors and manages every Network Box 24x7x365 round (including environment, hardware, operating system, security modules and performance measures). Once a threat is detected, protection signatures and software packages are installed within 3 to 45 seconds, using Network Box proprietary “PUSH” Technology and Z Scan (Zero Day Threat). Consequently, all threats (zero day inclusive) are BLOCKED and unable to harm Client’s systems, which is UNIQUE within the field of Managed Security.

All Network Box Global

All Network Box Global SOC’s offer help desk support, with a range of SLA options. High Performance customized 64-bit hardware and cloud-based virtual platform are also available to match each customer requirement.

Tasked with protecting more than 1,700 KEY organizations around the world and many thousands of other global companies of all sizes, Network Box Singapore brings to our local companies the awareness to experience our unique and world class IT security systems against any cyber threats from around the world.

Award Winning


When you become a Network Box partner, whether you are our Authorised Reseller or Referral, you’re selling an award winning industry-leading array of IT Security products and services.